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Customer Policies

Our Policies

Please familiarize yourselves with our store policies. By utilizing our services, and purchasing our products, you agree to the following policies.


Service Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans change and you may not be able to make it. We also understand these are turbulent times we live in with the COVID-19 pandemic still ravaging the world. As a result, we have set up a comprehensive service cancellation and item return policy.

  • You can cancel your appointment 24 hours or more before your appointment without charge. You will be able to cancel it by clicking the Change/Cancel Appointment button below.
  • If you have setup an appointment within 24 hours, you will have 90 minutes to cancel from the time you have setup the appointment at no charge. To do that, you will have to call us at 415-742-5491.
  • If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours, or if you have setup an appointment within 24 hours and it's been over 90 minutes since you have done so, we will charge 50% of the service, but you will be able to schedule another appointment and use that 50% charge as credit towards the other service. During this time, you may only cancel the appointment by calling us at 415-742-5491.
  • You may NOT cancel or reschedule an appointment with 45 minutes or less remaining until your scheduled appointment. So if you have an appointment scheduled for 9:30 AM, you will no longer be able to cancel or reschedule this appointment at 8:45 AM.
  • We will not ask for a credit card from customers who have a package code.
  • Customers who have setup an appointment with a package code, and do not show up, will have the visit counted against them.
  • If you do not call the spa or if we don't have you checked in 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment, we'll mark the appointment as a no-show and charge 100% of the service fee. The fee is non-refundable and cannot be used as credit for any future services.


Arrival Policy

  • If this is the first time you are getting a specific service at our spa, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out the form for that service. For example, even if you had a facial at our spa before, if you decided to get a massage for the first time, you will need to fill out a Massage Form.
  • If you have filled out a form for your schedule service beforehand, please arrive 5-10 minutes before the massage so you would have ample time to get ready.
  • Even if you are late, your service will be performed up to the scheduled end time. For example, if your service is scheduled to end at 3:45 PM, and you are 10 minutes late, your service will still end at 3:45PM. You will still be charged the full price of the service.


Product Return Policy

  • Any unopened products can be returned to our store within 14 days. If the product you are trying to return has been opened, we will not accept it.
  • You can ship the product back to our store as long as the product was not opened. Create a shipment via UPS, USPS or Fedex to 339A W Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127.
  • Please send us an email with a picture to We'll create a new shipment for you at our expense, so you can send the product back, and we'll send you a replacement. We do not offer refunds for returned broken products.
  • Sometimes, claims made about the product may not be legitimate, and we want to ensure that there is evidence of the side effects caused by the products. In order to return the product that has caused the allergic reaction, we would like to ask you to get a doctor's note and send it to us to Furthermore, we will also accept photos indicating the reaction caused by the products. Once we confirm that the product is the cause, we will create a new shipment at our expense, and send the label to you, so you can ship the product back for a refund equal to the price that you paid for the product. Alternatively, you can return the product to our store in person.