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Our Team

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Gabbie Zhong 

Gabbie is an esthetician with a specialization in acne facials. Inspired by the power of touch, she believes touch can change people's way of communication, physical and mental health.


Amy has 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is extremely passionate about skincare. She brings in a combination of skin healing modalities and positive energy to her clients. Her goal is to have you step out of your treatment feeling rejuvenated in your skin, body, and soul. She likes cooking, traveling and bringing joy to everyone.


Vanah is a Licensed Esthetician born and raised in San Francisco. She is passionate about holistic skin care and believes in healing the skin and body from the inside out. She is driven by her goal to help every one of her clients achieve their ideal skin and feel naturally beautiful as they are. Her love for connecting with others and creating a safe and welcoming environment in the treatment room is what inspires her to keep going in this industry!

Massage Therapists

Maricuz Garcia

Maricruz has been bringing holistic massages to the masses since 2007. Working in the Bay area, she is well versed in the Silicon Valley and start up workers as well as the more spiritually inclined clientele.

With a mixture of modalities at her disposal, she is able to customize and target your specific needs. Offering massage therapy that is not only necessary, but indulgent. If you want a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment or a full body massage, she is the go to person!

James Zheng

James is an excellent certified license massage therapist in California. He has extensive experience in Focus Pain Relief, Deep Tissue, and Swedish massages. He has been in the massage industry for over 10 years.

One of his interests is understanding how traditional natural medicine can help change people's unhealthy lifestyles and maintain health. He often recommends that his clients choose suitable massage items according to their physical conditions. James’ style is best described as Eastern-style therapeutic. Therefore if you enjoy massages involving a lot of acupressure and targeting areas that are specifically impacted by knots and aches, James is the right massage therapist for you!

Jenny Julhom

Jenny studied Thai massage in Thailand, which is very well versed. She puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the client gets an excellent service, and leaves her service with a smile and feeling more nimble than before.

Christine Huey

Christine has 25 years in working with athletes. Her specialty is deep tissue myofascial release, and had studied from Art Riggs, a certified advanced Rolfer. Clients will find that some of her techniques are similar to Rolfing. She also has knowledge in Active Release Technique.


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