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Transform Your Hair & Scalp with Hydrafacial Keravive

Transform Your Hair & Scalp with Hydrafacial Keravive - Mysa Day Spa

We're excited to introduce the latest addition to our offerings, the Hydrafacial Keravive treatment. If you've been seeking a transformative solution for your scalp health and hair quality, this is a game-changer!


How Hydrafacial Keravive Works

The Hydrafacial Keravive treatment is a cutting-edge approach to rejuvenating your scalp and subsequently boosting hair health. Using a patented multi-step process, this treatment delivers a potent blend of ingredients directly to the scalp.

The key steps include:

Cleanse & Exfoliate

We begin by deeply cleansing and exfoliating your scalp, preparing it for optimal absorption of the nourishing serum to follow.


A gentle suction power is used to stimulate circulation in your scalp, promoting the health of hair follicles and the overall scalp environment.

Nourish & Hydrate

A custom blend of growth factors, peptides, vitamin B5 and arginine is infused into your scalp. These ingredients work together to hydrate, nourish and revitalize the scalp, enhancing hair thickness and health.



Ingredients That Make a Difference

The Hydrafacial Keravive treatment features a specialized serum containing a potent cocktail of growth factors, peptides, vitamin B5 and arginine. These ingredients are essential for promoting a healthy scalp and vibrant hair. 

Here's a closer look at the key ingredients used and how they benefit your scalp:

Growth Factors

These naturally occurring proteins are like supercharged messengers, delivering crucial signals to your cells, including your hair follicles. By infusing your scalp with growth factors, the Hydrafacial Keravive treatment stimulates hair follicles, encouraging them to produce healthier, thicker hair. The result? Enhanced hair density and a more vibrant appearance.


Peptides play a crucial role in maintaining scalp health. They support the production of collagen, a structural protein vital for hair strength. By introducing peptides, this treatment helps to fortify hair follicles, preventing damage and promoting more hair growth.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5, or panthenol, is a star ingredient for scalp health. It deeply hydrates the scalp and hair, preventing dryness and flakiness. Moreover, it supports overall skin health, ensuring your scalp is in prime condition for new hair growth.


Arginine is an amino acid that plays a key role in promoting hair growth. It enhances blood flow to the hair follicles, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen to thrive. A well-nourished scalp leads to more radiant and thicker hair.  



What to Expect After 3 Treatments

After experiencing the Hydrafacial Keravive treatment over the course of three sessions, clients typically report:

Thicker Looking Hair

The treatment helps enhance the quality and thickness of existing hair while also promoting new hair growth.

Shiny, Healthy Hair

Hair will not only look thicker but also healthier and shine with vitality, boosting your overall confidence.

Improved Scalp Health

A revitalized scalp environment can lead to reduced dryness, irritation, and dandruff, providing you with a healthier scalp.


Are you ready to transform your scalp health and get the best hair of your life? Call us at 415-742-5491 or visit our online booking page to schedule your appointment.

We're here to help you shine with confidence from head to toe. Don't miss out on this innovative solution for scalp and hair health.

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