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Medical Grade vs Over The Counter Skincare

Medical Grade vs Over The Counter Skincare

People spend a lot of money trying to look their best. Go into any bathroom and you’ll find cabinets filled with personal care products. Out of all those products, there’s always a pile of products that go unused because they simply didn’t work. 

Not all skincare products are created equal. The quality of the results you get will be based in part on the quality of the product you use. There are a few key differences when it comes to medical grade skin care versus over the counter products.

Over the counter products:

  • designed to work on the majority of the population
  • lower concentration of active ingredients
  • may contain fillers
  • sit at the top of the skin
  • allow you to self-diagnose your skin

Medical grade products:

  • higher concentrations of active ingredients
  • required to contain ingredients that are 99% pure
  • penetrate the epidermis and affect deep layers of the skin
  • backed by clinical research
  • recommended by professionals for your unique needs

Getting the desired results from your skin care comes at a cost but investing in your skin is an important long term gain. When you are looking for a new skincare product or routine, give us a call at 415-742-5491. We have a variety of high quality and medical grade skincare products and one of our estheticians with examine your skin and suggest the right products for you.

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